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DEMCON's client list consists of both small and large enterprises, and we are proud to say that they all receive the same level of service. We work with each one of our customers from consultation point until their project is completed and delivered as requested.

DEMCON always forms and applies realistic timescales and always delivers within the budget and schedule. Our teams consist of the most trained, technically experienced and practical-minded technicians, mechanics and workers. We rely on our specialization so as to create working sites as safe as efficient they are no matter how complex or sensitive nature the project is.

  • Explosive Demolitions
  • Conventional Demolitions
  • Dismantling
  • Decommissioning
  • Excavation and Foundation Removal
  • Remediation and Geo Technical
  • Soft strip
  • Archaeological
  • Façade retention
  • Asbestos removal
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Consultancy
  • Explosive and Conventional Demolitions

    - A bespoke programme of demolition and decommissioning ensuring that valuable assets are maintained to aid in off-setting project costs.

    - Site assessment, scheduling, consideration of adjacent structures, environmental concerns, vibration control, recycling program, service issues and traffic   management if necessary.

    - State of the art equipment and a highly educated and trained explosives team with technical know-how and experience, with sensitive approach to every single project and ability to minimise disruption.

    - Handling of different logistical issues that arise in every project, crushing and screening material, dismantling, controlled collapse, expertise in explosives, façade retention, soft strip, long reach.

    DEMCON is the only expert in Balkans in explosive demolitions, with a series of projects to demonstrate, such as large scale industrial buildings, resident buildings in confined urban space in city centres, silos or 60m high chimneys into factory establishment.

    We pride ourselves on a series of absolutely successful projects with "0" accidents or disruptions.

  • Dismantling

    - Floor by floor demolition including the use of long reach excavators, smooth cutting if required, asbestos removal, soft strip.

    - Special equipment for the reinforced concrete dismantling, crushing and screening. Long reach excavators such as VOLVO 280 with Pulverizer, concrete segregation from the steel, recycling.

    - Collection and transportation of demolition waste to legal landfills and recycling facilities.

    - Decommissioning and recycling according to DEMCON's policy.
  • Decommissioning

    - Thorough dismantling of the structure, plant and equipment to ensure that all the component parts will retain their value. Often the cost of decommissioning can be offset from the sale of site-won assets.

    - Established network of buyers at the disposal of our clients.

    - Decontamination of the plant and equipment to enable safe re-use and re-sale.

    - Benefits such as savings on disposal costs, reducing demolition costs, gaining revenues from the sale of recovered materials, decreasing airborne asbestos, lead and nuisance dust.
  • Excavation and Foundation Removal.

    - Earthmoving and bulk excavation, waste carrying to legal landfills where necessary.

    - Designing and installation of load bearing temporary support in order to complete the excavation.

    - Redevelopment of sites using traditional or bioremediation methods.
  • Remediation & Geo technical
    - Land clearance, levelling, foundation scrapping, excavation in the most effective way with the best value for our clients.

    - Geo technical engineering technics to fix slopes, underground voids or unstable land.

    - Full decommissioning service.
  • Soft strip

    - Smooth stripping of material, mechanical and electrical services and non-load bearing elements of the building mainly prior to demolition or when the building is to be renovated.
  • Archaeological

    - Comprehensive risk management, planning and cooperation between the two parties, preservation of the artefacts or removal and transportation to safe place.
  • Façade retention

    - Removal of contaminated material.

    - Soft strip of the building.

    - Façade retaining scheme.

    - Use of special equipment or technic where the project needs it.

    - Demolition of structure.

    - Excavation.

    - Removal of foundation of previous structure.
  • Asbestos removal

    - Guidance during the procedure of asbestos removal and management so as to ensure that our client is consisted with the current regulations.

    - Budget preparation.

    - Project management.

    - Report compilation.

    - Full asbestos removal service.
  • Equipment

    - All our equipment is available for hiring with or without operator.

    - Ability to train your operator.

    - We always use our own machinery so as to have the best terms of working regarding the functionality, health and safety as well as to be able to keep to time schedules and budget.

    - Established partner network for the provision of machinery for rent or buy in case it is necessary.
  • Consultancy

    - Provision of methodology and budgetary advice for main elements of the projects.

    - Engineering and logistical advice that maybe were not considered.

    - Overall management of the project from consultancy to delivery of land ready to be built again.