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DEMCON was founded over 20 years ago. The company has adjusted to many different and difficult economic, environmental or technical data of demolition industry each and every year, and succeeded to keep itself at the forefront of the changes no matter how fast and complex they have been.

Our main objective is: satisfying our clients. This is the only way to maintain our major reputation, as well as, our leading position as an expert in explosive demolitions, in Greece and in the broader area of Balkans. The company worked on projects through all market sectors, from small houses' dismantling to explosive demolitions of block of flats, from inner city mechanical demolitions to large scale industrial projects either by mechanical means or explosive material, and those of a sensitive nature such as chimneys or tanks in the middle of factory establishments or explosive demolitions of 10story buildings in confined space urban projects.

In 2006 DEMCON was awarded the highly prestigious Good Practice Award by OSH in recognition of our excellent site standards, safe working method and management system, especially for beginners and young workers. In 2005 we won a honorary reward for the strict Safety and Health Standards we keep on worksite, by NADC. In 2009 we were shortlisted at Annual Demolition Awards, by KHL group, participating in Confined/Urban demolition projects category, an international forum in which many companies, small or large, have taken place and won prizes.

Our projects are always completed with absolute success without ever having not even one small working accident or unaccomplished explosion. Our reputation is our source of pride for all we work in DEMCON and our course reflects the leading contractor position we hold in the market.